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Iron Clock Bondi is a showpiece that is conceived with a unique stance. The striking timepiece is a minimalist design that also saves space. Likewise, adding a charmingly old-fashioned vigour to any wall. This timepiece is aesthetically designed with a wooden and metallic outlook. Its metal material is featured for improved strength and resistibility.
Iron Clock Bondi features a clock dial etched entirely from MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard), a stiff and robust wood. Not to mention, MDF is strong and sturdy. The MDF board repels knots or kinks, consequently the ideal choice for our product. Its metallic frame offers a sleek finish and a touch of style. Did I mention metal is in vogue owing to its intricacy and durability? The metal frame is generously coated in black paint for a polished finish and to protect the metal from corrosive. Inspired from the crust of the earth, metal. This frame is finished to halt premature whittling or peeling off of the metal frame.
  • Material: MDF,Metal,Glass
  • Size: 60x6.5x60cm